Genealogical Records

Wouldn’t it be great if Nevada Sagebrush won the Genealogical Records Award at Continental Congress!?

My sister was recently admitted into the DAR, and in August we spent some time doing some research and genealogical preservation of our ancestors’ graves in Southern Illinois. We even spent part of the morning in the Shawnee Forest, thick with poison ivy and who-knows-what else, trying to find an abandoned graveyard for the family of our patriot. She got poison ivy, I got multiple insect bites of unknown variety, and we never found the graveyard! But it was a lot of fun. We were able to get some good photographs of tombstones at another cemetery and take a rubbing from the stone of our patriot’s great-grandson, our great-grandfather.

So, keep up the good work, ladies!
I look forward to assisting you with your genealogical records this year!

Brenda Becker
Committee Chairman

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