97 Years of Women Voters

Speak Up!

The 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution
was ratified NINETY-SEVEN YEARS AGO, today -
giving women the right to vote.

All Daughters of America should take a moment today and give thanks for our Sisters of 1920 who fought for our right to vote!

In particular, we, as members of the DAR, should remind our fellow sisters of the importance of making our voices heard - much as President Coolidge urged the women of 1924 to vote!

"The determination of national policy that will be made in next November will turn quite as much upon the attitude of the women, as much as the judgments of the men.
So I come to you women, who I know will pardon me if I prefer to address you as representatives of the Daughters of all revolutions rather than as merely the Daughters of the American Revolution, to say that your country wants not only your votes, but your influence, in all coming elections.
By this, I do not mean to appeal in behalf of any party.
I appeal in behalf of our common country."